We have put together a list of common questions we get asked for both weddings and portraits. We hope this may answer your questions, if not please contact us.

Your Wedding Questions

I can only afford one, should I choose photography or videography??

That is very personal to the client, I would start by thinking about what you want after the wedding. If you want wall art, frames with your photos in your home or an album to look back on, then photography is right for you

If you don’t really want frames or wall art and consider a motion to better capture the emotions and story of your day go for videography. It is possible to capture a still frame from video, but as we shoot slow shutter speeds for a cinematic feel to our videos, the still frames will not be as sharp as a real photo

How long till I get my wedding photos or video?
We normally aim to have wedding photos retouched and delivered within 4 weeks of the wedding, during quieter parts of the year this can be 2 – 3 weeks.

Wedding videography editing is more involved than still photos, we advise a delivery time for your finished film between 6 – 8 weeks. Again during quieter times of the year, this can be 4 – 6 weeks.

Do I need more than one photographer or videographer?
The simple answer is no you don’t. However, if you are also looking to capture groom prep or multiple angles during the ceremony for example, then you will need two photographers or videographers.
If I want a wedding album for my photos, can I also get the digital photos?
Yes you can, for packages including an album, we provide a digital download service of you photos for 60 days once your photos are ready.
Can I customise my wedding album?
Yes absolutely! You have the following options available which will all be provided upon booking one of our packages including a wedding album.

Cover style and material
Page paper style
Number of pages
Album case
Cover customisation

Your Portrait Questions

Where can we have our portraits taken?

We take portraits outdoors on location, at the clients home, in our studio or a bigger studio if needed. So you can have whichever you prefer.

How long does a portrait session take?

This depends on the type of portraits you require, but most are between 45 – 60 minutes for the actual photoshoot.

What do we need to wear for our portrait photoshoot?
Don’t worry, we provide you with a free guide when you book on what to wear and bring with you, so you have time to buy/borrow anything you may want.

For family portraits, we suggest you wear neutral outfits and try to avoid strong colours like a red or orange t-shirt for example.

How do we view our photos?
Sometimes we can show you the photos straight from the camera after the photoshoot. Otherwise, we upload them to a private online viewing gallery within 24 hours.
When do I get my photos?
After selecting the photos you love, we aim to have them retouched within a week. If you are having wall art, this may take a little longer. We can advise on this at the point of order.


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