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Nick Bunton is a commercial videographer. Commercial live streaming videography became very popular at the start of the COVID 19 pandemic and remains popular amongst many businesses today.  Live streaming is the perfect solution to take your event to those anyone to attend in person for many reasons.

Using our commercial live streaming service is a great way to include all those who cannot physically attend your live event. We make this as easy as possible for all and produce high-quality live streaming videos. We can stream to many platforms including Vimeo, YouTube, Zoom, VooV and more.




Ask us about how we can offer you interactive live streaming in place of one way live streaming.

What Our Customers Say


We were really pleased with how it all went, and the quality of your recordings is wonderful!  Thanks so much. I have no idea whether we will be live-streaming the services next year… depends on the COVID situation, but if we are I will certainly be back to ask you to do this for us again!

 With many thanks and all good wishes to you and Lee


How Commercial Live Streaming Works

We use multiple broadcast quality cameras and as well as your event being broadcast live it’s also recorded. You’ll have your event video to watch back, publish on your website and share as you wish.

Live streaming your commercial event allows you to reach viewers anywhere in the world as well as an audience far bigger than you might be able to if it was a physical show with the entire audience needing to be at a single location.

We can stream to a multitude of platforms including, Vimeo, Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube. We provide you with a private link and embed code if required. You can then share the private link or your webpage with all those you wish to view the event. Virtual viewers can also leave messages and you via a comments box if you would like this option turned on.

We are one of the few companies that can provide professional interactive live streaming using Zoom. You can just use Zoom, or you can use Vimeo as the main live stream and we can concurrently stream the same footage into Zoom for your closest family, we can broadcast this onto a large screen and even allow you some private time at the end of the ceremony to interact with your Zoom attendees. What to know more, please contact us below.

If you want an interactive live stream, we can help you with Slido, this is a great tool for along with the live stream video, you can have Q&A, polls etc. It’s a great way to engage with your online audience.


Don’t let the venue space limit your audience, share your commercial event with a much bigger global audience.

Our Professional Commercial Live Streaming Include

Single or multi-camera set-up

Professional broadcast quality wireless microphones

Professional broadcast quality cameras

Experienced creative videographers

Private viewing link and embed code in advance

Unlimited virtual guests

Our Live Streaming Technology

Live Streaming Essex

Multi Camera Switcher

We use the BlackMagicDesign Atem Mini Pro switcher which allows us to stream with up to four cameras or three cameras and a device for inputing graphics, slideshows or any other media content.

Live Streaming Essex

Multi View Monitor

This view gives us an instant overview of which input is being broadcast, what we have selected for the next view including a view from every connected device. We also can see the selected graphic, the upstream health and speed and an overview of the audio levels.

Live Streaming Essex

Audio Monitor

This view of the audio, not only allows us to see a full overview of what's happening but gives us so much control over the inputs, levels, mixing and EQ etc. This is such an important view as the audio is an extremely important element of video.

Live  funeral streaming wireless audio capture

Rode Wireless Audio Kit

This is one of the audio kits we use to capture the clear digital words from the curate or anyone doing a reading or eulogy.

Essex Funeral Live Streaming

4G Network Bonding

Our LiveU Solo 4G bonded network modem/encoder is a very specialist part of our kit, in fact, its a small version of what mobile TV crews use. This is what allows us to live stream from remote locations were any single network doesn't have enough upload speed for video. This device makes use of four separate networks we use. Even with each being low, the data packets are sent into the cloud and encoded together in real-time to forward into our Vimeo live streaming service.

Wireless audio capture for funeral live streaming

Sennheiser Wireless Audio Kit

Another one of the audio kits we use to capture the clear digital words from the curate or anyone doing a reading or eulogy. We need more than one as there is generally always a reading we need to capture the audio for.




Our Commercial Live Streams

Performing Arts College Graduation Ceremony

Christmas Carol Service


It’s possible you have some questions about your commercial live streaming by now, so we have put together some common questions we get asked to help you

Are you commercial event live stream videos high definition?

Yes, we record and stream all our commercial events in HD which will playback lovely on a large TV. Most modern 4K televisions will upscale the film to 4K on playback and will also look great.

How do we let our audience know about our live streaming event?

We send you a private link and optional embed code for your commercial event live stream event ahead of time for you to distribute to your audience.

Do we get to see our event live stream video after the live broadcast?

Yes, we also record every live stream event service we do, this enables you to view, share and download the event live stream recording.

Professional Wedding Live Streaming Service Suffolk

Commercial Live Streaming Enquiry

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Essex Commercial Live Streaming

Commercial live streaming in Essex, London, Kent, Suffolk, and the southeast. We also offer Commercial videography


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